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Savannah, GA

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Elopement Includes

- Round Trip Flight -

- Hotel Accomodations -

- Rental Car -

- Wedding Ceremony -

- Ceremony Official -

- Marriage License -

- Photography -

- Floral -

- Hair & Makeup -

- Honeymoon Activities -

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Rental Car

Includes a midsize car rental for the duration of your trip to make your travel easy. 


(options depend on location and availability)

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Includes a customized  brides bouquet, and a  grooms boutonniere.

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Round Trip Flight

Includes standard seating, and you will have the opportunity to upgrade to first class.

Landing in: Savannah, GA

Wedding Ring

Wedding Ceremony

Includes a ceremony location, wedding officiant, assistance with marriage license.


All religions and philosophies are welcome

Hair & Makeup

Includes a professional stylist before your wedding and your choice of  look.

Hotel Room

Hotel Accommodations

Includes luxury single king bed accomodations. Hotel options depends on your travel dates and availability.

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Wedding Photography

Includes ceremony photography, a newlywed adventure & photo shoot after the ceremony, and legal rights to your portfolio.

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Honeymoon Activities

Includes two honeymoon activities of your choice  so that you can make the most of your trip