Package Includes


​​-Brushy Creek Event Planning-

-Round trip flight (4 passengers)

-Resort accommodations (3 days, 2 nights)-

-Rental car-

-Nightly dinner reservations-

-1 activity-

-4 passengers-

Starting Price

-4 passengers-

-3 days, 2 nights-



Rental Car

Package Includes:​​


-Midsize SUV-

-3 day rental-



Package Includes

-Round trip flight (4 passengers)




-A fun, social and relaxing way to experience the town while exercising. Trained drivers steer you through the streets cruising with the power of your legs and feet! You will stop at popular bars, restaurants and shops offering our guests an unforgettable experience.-



Package Includes:


-South Congress Hotel-

-3 days, 2 nights-​​



South Congress Hotel is an 83-room boutique hotel designed to be a hub of activity for the community. A place for travelers and locals alike, the hotel has three unique restaurants, a coffee + bake shop, a rooftop pool, lobby bar, and two retail shops. All locally owned, all right at the doorstep of Austin’s favorite street.

Matching weekend t-shirts

Included with package:​​


-Customized bridal t-shirts-

-Your choice of t-shirt, tank top, swimsuit, sweater-


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