Mountain Landscape
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The Grand Canyon

Package Includes
​​-Brushy Creek Event Planning-
-Round trip flight (2 passengers)-
-Resort accommodations-
-Rental car-
-Wedding officiant-
-Wedding photography (4 hours)-
-Newlywed adventure-
-Hair & Makeup-

Starting Price
-4 days, 3 nights-

*Packages can be customized*

2019 Hyundai Santa Fe Large-31489 720.we

Rental Car

Package Includes:​​


-Midsize car-


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Included with package:​​


-A newlywed photo shoot after your photographer in the locations of your choice-


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The Grand Canyon

Package Includes


​​-Round trip flight-

-2 passengers-



Wedding Ceremony

Included with package:​​


-Ceremony officiant-

-Multiple ceremony locations to choose from-


Erica Floral.jpg


Included with package:​​


-Brides bouquet, grooms bout-​


grand canyon lodge.jpeg


Package Includes:

-Hotel accommodations-

-2 guests-



Included with package:​​


4 hours of wedding photography on wedding day.

Legal rights to portforlio


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Hair & makeup

Included with package:​​


-Professional hair & makeup-

-Administered at hotel-

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