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Package Includes


​​-Brushy Creek Event Planning-

-Round trip flight (4 passengers)

-Resort accommodations (3 days, 2 nights)-

-Rental car-

-Nightly dinner reservations-

-1 activity-

-4 passengers-

Starting Price

-4 passengers-

-3 days, 2 nights-



Image by Erik Mclean

Rental Car

Package Includes:​​


-Midsize SUV-

-3 day rental-



Dinner reservations 


-Nightly dinner reservations for 4 guests-


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Package Includes

-Round trip flight (4 passengers)


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Matching weekend t-shirts

Included with package:​​


-Customized bridal t-shirts-

-Your choice of t-shirt, tank top, swimsuit, sweater-




Package Includes:


-The Crawford Hotel-

-3 days, 2 nights-​​



 -More than a hotel in Denver, The Crawford Hotel is the best place to meet, shop, eat, drink, and sleep — right above the iconic Denver Union Station. Enter through the bustling railway station, where an immediate sense of wonder and excitement welcomes you. With historic details such as 65-foot ceilings, soaring windows, and stunning chandeliers, the revitalized landmark is your portal to the best of modern-day Denver, complete with acclaimed restaurants, shops, and gathering places loved by locals and visitors alike.


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Get a taste of the Rocky Mountains on this beer tour with sunshine, craft beer and the great outdoors! Enjoy breweries along the scenic way in towns known for their craft beer and Wild West feel. Breathe in fresh mountain air, disconnect from the city and enjoy a beer in good company. We do the driving, so you can drink and enjoy the views. The tour begins at Union Station. From there you will drive to the foothills of the Rockies to a local craft brewery for a cold beer. Continue the drive up Bear Creek Canyon and have another refreshing beer along the way. Drive along scenic Lariat Loop with Rocky Mountain views. The tour ends at a craft brewery in Denver.