• Congratulations, you’re engaged! Now what? If you’re anything like the average couple you’ve probably realized how overwhelming and expensive wedding planning can be. There are so many venues, vendors, websites, and options that it’s almost impossible to know where to start. To make matters worse, some of the quotes you receive would make Bill and Melinda blush. Is bringing this together even possible? Is there a better way?

  • The answer is a resounding, YES! We understand how challenging this process can be, and we’re here to help. We’ll guide you through the process of venue tours, vendor selection, and food tastings. All you need to do is give us your budget and vision, we’ll design a wedding package that best fits your needs. We’ve helped over 200 couples, and we’d love to bring the same serenity to you.​ (Check out some of our reviews)

  • Our 4 step process is simple:

    • 1. We’ll schedule a phone consultation to get to know you and your fiancé.​

    • 2. We’ll send you a checklist to outline your budget and vision.

    • 3. We’ll set up tours, tastings, and consultations with the providers that best suit your needs.

    • 4.  Once you've decided, we’ll put together all of your vendor contact info, invoices, contracts and due dates in one place for easy access.

  • *Please note; you do not have to choose from a list of pre-selected vendors. After our consultation, we'll find the vendors/providers that best fit your needs*


  • Sound good? Let’s get started. Contact us to schedule your free consultation!

  • *Reschedule with ease*

    • If you need to postpone your date due to underlying concerns or government updates, no need to worry. We'll help reschedule your wedding to a future date at no additional cost.

*Luxury Package*

Wedding Includes

-Venue Rental-

-Full Service Catering-

-Cocktail Hour-

-2  Bartenders-

-Open Bar-


-Wedding Coordinator-

-Photography (8 Hours)-

-Dj Service (5 Hours)-

-Floral Decor-

-Wedding Cake-

-Service Staff-


-125 Guests-

-150 Invitations-

Sample Wedding Price: 


*Prices vary based on date/location/services chosen​*

*Basic Package*

Wedding Includes

-Venue Rental-

-Timeline Creation-

-Self Serve Catering-

-1 Bartender-

-Photo Booth (3 Hours)-

-Floral Decor-

-Custom Wedding Dessert-

-Service Staff-

-50 Guests-

-75 Invitations-

Sample Wedding Price: 


*Prices vary based on date/location/services chosen​*

laguna-1022 (1).jpg

Drop Off Catering

wedding planner.jpg


Video Blogging


Image by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen

Wedding Band

Image by Marisa Morton


Image by Kobby Mendez

Custom Dessert

Image by Ibrahim Boran


Party Props

Photo Booth

Image by Andrew Dunstan


Image by Aleks Marinkovic

Getaway Car

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Full Service Catering

Pretty Cocktail




Image by Helena Lopes

Wedding Dj

Image by Kael Bloom




Wedding Table Set

China Place Settings

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Service Staff

Image by Edvin Johansson

Hotel Accomodations


Image by Juan Encalada

Group Transportation