Steak Dinner


-8oz Sirloin Steak-


Served with 

-Mashed Potatoes-

Provided by

-Texas Land and Cattle

Chicken Alfredo


-Sliced Chicken Alfredo-


Served with: 

-Homemade alfredo sauce over fettuccine pasta- 

Provided by:

-Olive Garden-

Texas BBQ

Meats (Choose 2)

-Brisket, Sausage, Turkey, Chicken-

Sides (Choose 2)

-Coleslaw, Beans, Green Beans, Mac n Cheese, Potato Salad-


Served With:

-Sauce, Bread, Pickles, Onions-

Provided by:



Asian Inspired

Entree (Choose 4)


-Mongolian beef, kung pao chicken, sweet & sour chicken, crispy honey chicken, kung pao shrimp, honey shrimp, stir fried eggplant, beef & broccoli, pepper steak, sesame chicken, ginger chicken-

Sides (Choose 4)


-Crispy green beans, edamame, spring rolls, pork dumplings, caesar salad, crunch salad, letuce wraps, crab wontons, pork egg rolls-

Served with:


-White rice/Brown Rice-

Provided by


-PF Changs​-

Mixed Fajitas



-Mixed beef, chicken, grilled veggies-


-Spanish rice, refried beans- 


Served With


-Tortillas, chips/salsa, guac, sour cream, pico​-

Provided By



Taco Bar

Your choice of 

-Beef,  grilled chicken, pork, mushrooms​-



Served with

-Tortillas, beans, spanish rice, chips, salsa​-


Provided by