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Michelle D


Brushy Creek Events has been a huge component to my continued composure and limited stress thus far in our wedding planning! My fiance and I are getting married in Dripping Springs in October - we currently live in Dallas. Julien has done a fabulous job coordinating vendor meetings and tastings to accommodate our sporadic trips back to the Austin area. Not to mention the vendor selection is top notch! We chose to sample menu items from Terry Black's BBQ and Lupe Tortilla. I couldn't believe these restaurants were presented to us. We LOVE them both! He paired us with the sweetest, most talented photographer. And we have meetings scheduled for wedding cake selection as well as floral and wedding colors/general vibe over the next two months. Plus, our DJ and day-of coordinators already reached out to us. And maybe most importantly, our venue is a dream!  The price point of everything is 100% reasonable - especially when you start comparing things a la carte. All in all, we feel very fortunate to have stumbled upon Brushy Creek Events!! I am fully confident that our wedding day will perfect thanks to the coordination and expertise of Julien and his partners. If you're a fan of a smooth planning process with limited stress on the bride, I recommend looking into this company! ***** UPDATE POST-WEDDING ***** Simply the best! My husband and I feel so fortunate to have come across Brushy Creek Events. Hands down, THE best decision we could have made for our big day. I've never been the type of girl who was overly excited to plan each and every detail of my wedding. So, when I heard about Brushy Creek, I was all ears. Julien and his team were excellent and exceeded our expectations every step of the way. The vendor package made the planning process so easy for us. And all of our vendor options were truly top notch. The venue we chose from the long list of venue options was PERFECT. We chose fajitas for our catering option. Now these weren’t your average fajitas… they were Lupe Tortilla Fajitas. Being the Mexican food connoisseur that I am, I was very pleased with this option!! SO good. The photographer we were provided with was incredible. She is fun, has a contagious bubbly personality, and truly great photo ideas. And her work is phenomenal! The floral team also knocked it out of the park. Floral décor (as silly as it sounds) was super important to me so I obviously wanted the flowers to look perfect. The florists worked diligently to create my floral vision and meet my price point for the additional flowers I wanted. Every detail turned out beautifully! The DJ, Bar Service, Service staff, Wedding cake & cookie vendor, and table/linens/chair set-up were all perfect. Everything turned out just as we had hoped thanks to Brushy Creek Events. I will recommend this company time and time again to any bride starting the planning process. Highly recommend checking them out!!!


Jenni F


Me and now husband found Brushy Creek Events randomly on Facebook as an ad, but boy am I glad we did. We had wanted to have a destination elopement in Colorado but had no idea where to start. Julien made the process so easy for me. I pretty much didn’t have to do anything, IT WAS GREAT! He managed to find fantastic local vendors for my hair/makeup, flowers, an officiant and even made reservations for a private dinner for us after our ceremony. The photographer that’s local to Texas Jen from Sweetleaf photography was a god sent. She did such an amazing job planning the day, making sure things went smoothly and the sample photos we have gotten so far are breathtaking. I couldn’t recommend them enough if you want a stress free destination elopement. Me and my husband had the best time and so glad we choose this way to get married.


Julia O


Brushy Creek Events... where to begin... when my husband and I first decided to start planning our wedding a few months ago, we found ourselves completely overwhelmed with the entire wedding planning process. Being fresh out of school (he had just finished with pharmacy school and I had just finished my dietetic internship to become a registered dietitian), we had a VERY limited budget that we didn't even think would be possible to plan the kind of wedding we had in mind. Just looking at venues alone around where we live, we were feeling very discouraged financially. For a venue rental, catering, bartending, DJ, floral, and cake, we were looking at a price that would have been the cost of a venue ALONE in Houston. Of course, my initial thought was skepticism because there was no way all of these things would be included in a package for that price. I decided to get in touch with Brushy Creek Events to inquire more about their services and was immediately contacted by Julien, who walked me through the entire process. We decided to give it a shot and booked our wedding through them and honestly, could not have been more pleased with how everything turned out. Julien was absolutely fantastic and took care of EVERYTHING for us - we basically just had to tell him what he wanted. Leading up to the wedding, everyone would ask me how wedding planning was going - if I felt stressed, if I was turning into Bridezilla, if I was about to lose my mind. And every time, my answer was that I honestly felt like I hadn't had to do much in the wedding planning process, I just had to let BCE know what I wanted and it was all taken care of for me. I will admit that even up to the wedding day, I was a bit hesitant and nervous as to how everything would come together. What if the caterer showed up late? What if the DJ didn't come? What if this went wrong or that went wrong? Once again, Brushy Creek proved me wrong and the wedding could not have gone more smoothly. We received compliments all night long from our guests on how much they loved the wedding, how well everything was planned, how they were so impressed with how everything turned out. As much as we would love to take credit for it all, it was all due to the wonderful services of Julien at Brushy Creek and the coordinators. If you are thinking about booking with Brushy Creek for your wedding, I would HIGHLY recommend you do it. They took our budget wedding and turned it into something that we would have paid at least double or triple for if we had planned it ourselves. Thank you so much again, Julien, for being an absolute saint.


Sarah K


I am so so glad I used Brushy Creek Events. Julien was amazing to work with. He was so prompt and accommodating! Everything from the cake, to the catering, to the flowers turned out perfect. They made wedding planning so streamlined and virtually stress-free. Our day went beautifully and without a hitch, and I attribute that to Brushy Creek. Also, our guests kept telling us that we had the best wedding that they have ever been too :). We couldn't have done it without our team.


Katelyn F


Being an out-of-state bride brought a lot of initial uncertainty on how to plan a wedding from afar. Luckily for us, Brushy Creek was the answer! We chose all-inclusive planning because it's what made the most sense... they're cost effective and they connect you to some of the best vendors in the Hill County! Overall, it's a fairly simple process: find your venue, select one of the packages offered (we elected to do the Bronze and find our own venue), your wedding team of vendors is created and then you work out details with each vendor to determine your vision for your big day! Not going to say that we didn't have A LOT of questions, because we did, but Julien (as well as ALL of our vendors) were in constant contact to make sure we were taken care of. Response times were typically within a 24-48 hour period... which put me at ease! The only part that was a big choppy for us (which could be attributed to some restructuring) was that not everything was completely spelled out in the brochures and such, things like type of dinnerware offered or how to go about the purchasing of alcohol. It wasn't too big of a deal for us as we simply reached out to get those answers. Overall, Brushy Creek exceeded our expectations! From the setup, to the takedown and everything in between, we couldn't have asked for a better team to help make our day so seamless and special! Thank you Brushy Creek for being a sounding board during this year + long planning process and for guiding us every step of the way! We highly recommend your services, especially for those out-of-state brides seeking a destination wedding in the Hill Country!


Summer M


Julien was super organized and very nice to work with! All the vendors were amazing and made our day go by super easy, smooth and AMAZING! Highly recommend!

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Hannah J


Julien was super helpful with helping us decide what venue, what package and setting us up with our vendors. Julien met us at each of the venues and spent the time to tell us the normal ceremony setup, reception setup, contingency plans, etc. Thank you Julien and Brushy Creek for setting us up with a great vendor team and for making our wedding enjoyable!

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Amanda T


We chose Brushy Creek Events because everything was really straight forward. Julien is very responsive and has worked a lot with us to make sure we were able to make our wedding priorities a reality! For example, we don't live in Austin and he made sure that people were available when we were traveling in town to meet with us! So amazing! So many of the vendors have worked together as well that they seem like an awesome team! We haven't had our wedding yet, but we aren't worried. Our coordinator in particular was very helpful about giving additional details (i.e., standard package service hours as it applies to the timeline) and we thought that was useful information as we think about how to plan the whole day. Will update later on after the wedding :) Thanks Brushy Creek

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Frances D


Brushy Creek Events made it easy for us to spend more time enjoying the wedding planning process, and being engaged! Our wedding turned out just the way we wanted it, and we didn't have to waste any time contacting, meeting, and getting quotes from various vendors. We were initially hesitant because we were concerned that we wouldn't be able to personalize our wedding, which wasn't the case at all. Each of the vendors was accommodating to our requests for upgrades or modifications to meet our needs, and we still came in under budget. It was so valuable during the planning process, and especially on our big day, to be working with vendors who were so familiar with working as a team. They were able to pull everything together seamlessly. We are so grateful for Brushy Creek Events and will definitely be recommending this service to all of our engaged friends and family.

Thu top moment 1.jpg

Thu T


t's been amazing working with Brushy Creek Events and their partners. Everything was so easy with Julien from day 1. Julien was more than happy to go with us to check out as many venues as we would like and made great recommendations based on our preference and taste. Brushy Creek connected us with talented partners - amazing caterer, wonderful florist (whom I called my Fairy Godmother), beyond awesome baker, and other services. Julien took care all the little things so we wouldn't stress over keeping track of details for each vendor. We kept changing songs up to the last minute, but Julien finalized everything and made it go smoothly without any hiccups. The music was so awesome that he kept all the guests and even all the kids dancing all night. My friends kept asking me why I was so calm during the planning process and wondering if I had a lot to do. I honestly chilled the whole year and only took care of the decor stuff. We still cannot believe how lucky we were to find Brushy Creek Event and work with his partners. It's still unbelievable that we would be able to work with amazing vendors and stay stress-free with 1/2 the price an average wedding would cost. We couldn't ask for a better partner to work with, and we can't thank Brushy Creek Events enough for their services and for putting together the most fun, beautiful, and best day of our lives.

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Brittany P


Brushy Creek did a fantastic job with our wedding. We came to Austin from out of state, so everyone was very helpful to us. They were very professional and understanding of our situation. Everyone was so nice to work with and they helped our vision come to life! I would highly recommend this company to anyone. We had a beautiful wedding outside at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. With Brushy Creek, we were able to have everything under one invoice instead of signing individual contracts by ourselves. We loved working with these guys! 


Brianna N


Me and my husband decided to elope to Glacier National Park in July, we didn't know where to start so after a quick Google search, we landed with Brushy Creek. Every piece of this experience from the consult to the ceremony was flawless. Julien and Jenn were so kind and helpful in every way, and answered even the most ridiculous questions we might have had. The day was perfect and I can't thank Brushy Creek enough


Lindsey M


AMAZING. We couldn’t be more pleased with our experience. Julien is a rockstar & literally was there for every worry I had. Even in the midst of covid we went through with everything and had the best time. I couldn’t recommend this group more! Everything was perfect & if we had to do it over we wouldn’t change a thing. Our flight, photographer, hotel, excursions, hair/makeup, floral was all included and set up for us and we couldn’t be more happy and grateful.


Karlie P


My family had an amazing experience booking our wedding with Brushy Creek. As busy parents to a one year old it was hard to imagine planning a wedding. Brushy Creek made it easy, and stress free for us to have the beautiful wedding we imagined. They took care of every detail for us! Literally. All of our vendors were amazing and even were thoughtful of our daughter bringing snacks, and toys themselves! We would absolutely recommend to everyone. Thank you Brushy Creek!


Elisa K


Our wedding through Brushy Creek was absolutely perfect! Julien answered my million questions without hesitation and he worked with us to make sure the wedding went off without a hitch. Having a COVID wedding was daunting, but they worked with us to make us and all of our guests feel comfortable. We would absolutely recommend them to anyone planning a wedding. They made it such a breeze!

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Jessica S


Everything was great & went off without a hitch! We truly appreciate all your help! It still doesn’t feel real, thank you again! 


Lindsay S


My husband and I feel so fortunate to have stumbled across Brushy Creek. For people who don’t want to get bogged down with every little detail of their wedding, Brushy Creek is a perfect solution. Most people say “things will go wrong on your wedding day” and truly I cannot think of anything that went wrong at our wedding all thanks to BCE. The vendors are attentive, responsive and personable. Our day of coordinator, Maggie was also a huge blessing. Cannot recommend Brushy enough!!


Katie T


Everything went perfectly with the wedding! We cannot thank Brushy Creek Events enough for the help and support throughout this entire process.

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Olivia S


Julien and his entire team of vendors were absolutely imperative to the success of our wedding planning, and the perfect succession of events on our wedding day. We could not have done it without them! I could not compliment Julien enough on his kindness, and willingness to work with me on my smaller wedding, which required quite a bit of workarounds as compared to their traditional, larger wedding planning package. He worked with me, throughout the entire planning process to ensure every detail was perfect! Every vendor was great, and you can't beat the pricing that they provide if you are to reach out to vendors on your own. We could not recommend them more! Brides, do yourself a favor, and hire Brushy Creek for your Austin or Hill Country wedding

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Eunice G


Brushy Creek Events made our wedding day super easy and stress-free! Julien was always available to answer any questions. Lauren (our day-of-coordinator) was also available, patient, understanding, accommodating, and dealt with any bumps in the most professional and caring way. The day of our wedding, they took such good care of us! All their vendors were amazing, and our wedding was a dream! Having the Brushy Creek team made our wedding planning process easy and fun, we can't imagine planning everything we had without them! I cannot stress enough how patient and accommodating everyone was with our questions, wants/desires. Everything turned out exactly as we envisioned it!

DSC_5701 (1).jpg

Courtney P


I can’t say enough good things about Brushy Creek Events! When my husband and I began planning our wedding, we were completely overwhelmed. Julien made the entire planning process so easy and enjoyable -- every single vendor he put us in touch with was absolutely top notch, and it was so nice to not have to spend hours trying to research different options. Having a flat-rate package also took the guesswork out of budgeting, and I was blown away by the professionalism and quality of everyone we worked with. If you’re having a wedding in the Austin area and want to make the planning process simple and stress-free, you can’t go wrong with Brushy Creek Events