Appetizer List

Chicken & Waffle Skewers : $5pp

Bite sized fried chicken tenders & crispy waffles on a skewer with maple syrup and seasonal fruit. 


Stuffed mushrooms: $5pp

Button mushrooms, cream cheese, parmesan, sausage, & panko

Chili pie bites: $5pp

Spicy west Texas chili, cheddar, red onion, jalapenos nestled in a corn chip

Chicken meatballs: $5pp

White meat chicken, parmesan, chili flake & garlic

Shrimp gazpacho shots: $5pp

Cold bloody Mary gazpacho soup with shrimp, onion, jalapeno & cilantro

Traditional deviled eggs: $4pp

Tuna Tartar: $6pp

Tuna, grapefruit & sea salt on a French baguette

Baby crab cakes: $6pp

Tomato-lemon, remoulade

Shrimp cocktail: $6pp

Traditional cold shrimp cocktail, Cajun spices.

Cheese board: $5pp

Custom assortment with nuts, fruit, crackers, and seasonal jam

Seared  tuna bites: $7pp

Sushi grade tuna, avocado, toasted sesame

Bacon wrapped scallops: $8pp

With lemon garlic butter sauce