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Brushy Creek Events - about us

Who We Are:

A network of amazing  wedding vendors who share the same vision of simplicity in mind.

Our Story

We were founded at the end of 2014 in Austin, TX (which is where we are still headquartered) with a vision of making things easier for engaged couples and just a few vendors to call on. Since then we’ve assisted over 200 clients, and believe we’ve perfected the art of affordable vendor selection and wedding planning!

What We Do:

We offer an easier and more affordable way to plan your wedding by bundling a wedding venue of your choice with an amazing team of vendors for one simple and easy to understand price! We contract all of the services for the package price, and let you handle the fun pat of planning your actual wedding day. You'll have an experienced day-of-coordinator to help you with all of the details that go with making your day amazing! 

FAQ: How are your packages so affordable?!

Undoubtedly the question we hear most often is "how are you able to provide the package at this price?” The answer is pretty simple; Over the years of being in the wedding industry, we've been able to meet and connect with some amazing vendors and wedding professionals who share our vision, and by doing so we've been able to secure better rates for our clients, which is the main factor of our package price being as affordable as it is. According to statistics by TheKnot, a wedding booked through us is about half the cost of the average wedding in America. The statistics can be viewed here: 

The Process/What to Expect

The process of booking and working with us is very simple; When you’ve decided that our package is for you, we’ll introduce you to the team of contracted vendors who will be with you on your big day. You’ll then be able to set up meetings, tastings, and consultations with everyone individually, and begin the fun part of planning your day!

FAQ: What if I don't like my vendors?

Answer: Once you reserve a date with us, your deposit is completely refundable for up to 30 days while you do initial consultations with your team. If for any reason during that period you decide that you would prefer not to move forward with the vendors, you'll receive your deposit back in full!

FAQ: Can I take things out of the package that I don't want?

Answer: Unfortunately not. To keep the pricing as affordable as it is we have to keep the package together as one unit. You can absolutely swap vendors out that you don't want, however we won't be able to offer a discount for doing so.